Hey 👋🏾, I’m Ramo. I’m a mentor, coach, design professional and founder of That Sorted Life, Inc.

I started this business to get whatever stands between you, the creative entrepreneur, and the people only you can serve out of the way. Understanding and unlocking human potential is my personal mission, it’s what I do in my professional life as the Head of Design Strategy* for a major financial institution, as well as what I do in my work with creative entrepreneurs here on That Sorted Life.


For much of my childhood and early adulthood, I struggled with feelings of inadequacy. Despite my fair share of intelligence, talents and opportunities, I never considered myself “A team” material–and that affected most, if not all, aspects of my life. I didn’t particularly struggle in any area of life, be that academic, sports or even in business. But I never quite shot the lights out either. I was always close, but not quite there… always striving and struggling and wishing to be more, have more and give more.

It was only until I was able to re-examine my own beliefs about myself, my abilities, my potential and my resolve to redefine myself and what I was capable of, that I saw my pattern of “playing small” for what it really was, fear. It took years for me to figure out that my achievements never were, nor will ever be, due to a lack of resource. But rather, a lack of resourcefulness–i.e. the willingness to do whatever the f*ck it takes to become the person I‘m committed to becoming.

My relationship with fear has, and continues to, change. I no longer see fear as a screaming alarm to flee from, but rather as a signal for what to move towards because what I’ve come to learn, and what I’ve embraced as the mantra of That Sorted Life, is that the struggle isn’t real, it’s simply fear. Let me repeat that (for dramatic effect) the struggle is real fear.


Why I’m committed to supporting creative entrepreneurs like you.

I believe that the world we live in today, and the world we’re moving into tomorrow, needs entrepreneurs who can combine advances in technology with higher collective consciousness to leave this world better than we found it. Creative entrepreneurs have the worldview, abilities and intention to shift the dial.

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Doing that means getting out of your head, working through resistance, and making it through to the other side with a healthy, thriving, growing and fun business in tow that impacts people’s lives and makes a meaningful contribution to the world.

i beLieve…

that you’re a Genius! Your Genius describes the things you enjoy most, and do effortlessly. I believe that discovering, and embracing your Genius, is the single biggest advantage you have in growing a business where you can give your best and play to your strengths, while relying on others to support your areas of weakness. That’s the first pillar of That Sorted Life, “Know who you are"

i thinK…

The answers you're looking for as an entrepreneur don’t lie in knowledge alone. We live in a world where we have access to more information than we can possibly consume, yet we’re uncertain, often confused and unclear despite it. Your answers lie in wisdom and insight. Wisdom comes from direction, from the humble realisation that you don’t need to know everything, you just need to be willing to invite the counsel of those who do.

Insight comes from vision, not vision in the traditional sense (i.e. what you can physically see), but rather a clearer vision that is accessed by shutting your eyes and looking within. Cultivating a stronger recall of the future than of the past, so that you tap into the insight of the best version of you. The version of you that has a higher level of consciousness, more experience, more wisdom and more courage. Your future self, the person you’re committed to becoming. This brings us to the second pillar of That Sorted Life: “Know where you are"

You cannot solve a problem at the same level of consciousness that created it
— Some super smart human

i Know…

That your beliefs and thoughts become things, but only if you get off your ass and do the work. That’s why the third, and final pillar, of That Sorted Life is “Act”

Do the Work by Steven Pressfield - Book cover

To borrow (generously) from an author I admire, Steven Pressfield: Don’t prepare. Begin. Remember, our enemy is not lack of preparation; it’s not the difficulty of the project or the state of the marketplace or the emptiness of our bank account. The enemy is Resistance. **

Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too.

☝️ This BOMBSHELL of truth is why I started That Sorted Life, to equip and enthuse you, the creative entrepreneur, with the best tools I can possibly find, curate and create to build a business, and ultimately a life, of impact and income!


wHat i do.

Founder, That Sorted Life, Inc


Head of Client Experience Design, Nedbank

Co-owner, Tenaka


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