i onLy maKe products that i use myseLf*

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* That's why all paid products offered on That Sorted Life are backed by a no-nonsense quality guarantee. See Refund Policy for details.


busiNess tempLates.

Templates are available in Evernote and Google Docs format.

Evernote Template: Set Habit Goals
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Action pacKs.

Interactive playbooks to help you take action!

Action Packs are designed to help you get off your backside and translate knowledge into action. If you've experienced the guilt of discovering a great book, and not doing a damn thing about it, then Action Packs are the remedy.

Action Packs are custom-built playbooks which extract the key insights from the books you love, and outline step-by-step exercises to apply those insights in your business.


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Commit to Conduct
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Do your Duty
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Follow the Flow
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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly are Action Packs?

Action Packs are custom-built Evernote notes which extract actionable insights from exceptional nonfiction books. Each Action Pack contains a series of exercises designed to guide you to take action, and yield the greatest possible return on the investment of your money, and more importantly, your time. 

Can I try before I buy?

Short answer, nope. Here's the longer answer... Action Packs are backed by a no-nonsense 30 day money-back guarantee. I've designed this product to shift the needle in terms of achieving results that are meaningful for you. If for whatever reason, your Action Pack purchase doesn't meet your expectations - I will gladly refund you in full, absolutely NO questions asked. 

Why are some Action Packs priced higher or lower than others?

Every single Action Pack is designed with a singular purpose in mind, i.e to equip you with usable tools to achieve the next level in your life and business. That said, certain Action Packs require a greater breadth of content to translate the book's contents into actionable exercises, which in turn affects pricing. Rest assured, every Action Pack is built to deliver considerably more in value than I ask for in price. And if I fall short of that promise, take me up on my 30 day guarantee or drop me a short note to let me know where we fell short.

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