Ready to buiLd youR dReam business?


As a creative entrepreneur, you have a ton to share with the world, but something is keeping you hidden from customers who're waiting for products and services only you can deliver. Over four weeks I'll work with you to grow your commitment, clarity and certainty in making your business a reality. 

The Call to Adventure by That Sorted Life

The Call to Adventure is where the Entrepreneur Mentoring journey begins. Over four weeks you’ll:

  • Discover your unique entrepreneurial talents

  • Find out your wealth level and learn steps to move to the next level

  • Imagine and describe your perfect year,

  • and put effective habits in place to work on making it happen

Entrepreneurs who’ve completed the Call to Adventure are invited to join Entrepreneur Mentoring. You’ll join a small group of creative entrepreneurs and interact in monthly mentoring calls designed to help you grow a business that gives you the life you want.

Entrepreneur Mentoring for creative entrepreneurs. From That Sorted Life

Discover a way to make your boldest goals happen by taking a six-month journey where you’ll build on the foundation we set in The Call to Adventure, within six months you will:

  • Receive a personalised month-by-month plan for your most fulfilling year ever

  • Push yourself out of your comfort zone with my guidance and the accountability of your mentoring group

  • Work with a solid roadmap to build your dream creative business

The world needs the contribution that only creative entrepreneurs can make now more than ever, that’s why I launched Entrepreneur Mentoring – to work with entrepreneurs like you and move you out of the shadows of unrealised potential to build a business you love!
— Ramo Phalatsi, Founder: That Sorted Life, Inc.

4 weeKs of Rapid pRogress. 

Week 1: Discover your Genius. 

  • You’re one of four entrepreneurial geniuses. Your genius describes your natural path to entrepreneurial success. Find out which one you are

  • You’re on one of nine levels of wealth. Identify your current level and learn what you need to do, to level up


Week 2: Set Your Flightplan. 

  • Write a compelling vision of your perfect year

  • Work with me to map out a week-by-week plan to make your dream year happen


Week 3/4: TAKE FLIGHT.

Whether you're building a physical structure or a business, or your personal wealth – your success will be determined by the quality of your foundation. The final two weeks will focus on:

  • Making a decision to commit to your wealth creation as an obligation, not merely an opportunity. I’ll guide you to take focused action to execute your plan

  • We will set up your finances to serve you as a "wealth plumbing system".


What it costs:


The Call to Adventure - by That Sorted Life
  • One-on-one weekly call with Ramo

  • Genius assessment and debrief

  • Wealth assessment and debrief

  • FREE “Future Vision Template” (guide to write your vision for the perfect year)

  • Detailed execution plan

  • FREE “Measure your Money” Action Pack (set financial foundation for wealth creation)

  • Assessment and invitation to join Entrepreneur Mentoring*


eNtRepReneur meNtoRing –

Personal mentoring with a group of likeminded creative entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur Mentoring by Ramo – That Sorted Life

Entrepreneurs who‘ve successfully completed The Call to Adventure are eligible to join Entrepreneur Mentoring.

The aim of Entrepreneur Mentoring is simple: create the habits, guidance, accountability and support necessary to experience a year you’ll never forget. 


Entrepreneurial success isn‘t merely about setting goals, frankly, almost everyone sets goals. It’s about setting goals and raising your standards to do the work.


This isn’t a once size fits all experience–it’s about you. It’s about achieving the things that matter to you, at a pace that works for you.


You’ll attend a monthly two-hour call with your cohort of creative entrepreneurs (maximum group size of three). We’ll check in on your progress, celebrate your successes and address your most pressing challenges.


As an Entrepreneur Mentoring client, everything on That Sorted Life is at your disposal. You’ll receive an “access-all-areas” discount code that gives you 75% off ALL products on


wHy it woRks.

Entrepreneur Mentoring works because it works with your natural entrepreneurial talent and focuses on the current level of your business to find your winning formula.

When you‘re working with your natural talents, you feel energised and inspired to do the work necessary to grow the business you want.

You’ll understand that the actions and attention required to get traction in a startup can quickly become your losing formula when you‘re running a “solopreneur” business. Similarly, the market focus and personal branding required to grow a one-person business will become your losing formula when you’re seeking to grow a business that can thrive without you.


What it costs:


Entrepreneur Mentoring by Ramo – That Sorted Life
  • Six months of monthly personal mentoring

  • Small groups (maximum 3 per cohort)

  • Measurable progress in a high accountability environment

  • 75% discount of all products on That Sorted Life’s website

Entrepreneur Mentoring is accessible by invitation only. If you’re interested in booking a call with me to learn more, click the button below.

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