The Four Geniuses.

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Dynamo Genius “Ideas Smart”

Dynamo geniuses are great at coming up with ideas and getting things going, but they’re not so good at finishing.

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Blaze Genius “People Smart”

Blaze geniuses are extroverts and love people which makes them natural leaders.

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Tempo Genius “Senses Smart”

Tempo geniuses have acute senses and are highly perceptive–they have an innate sense of timing which makes them reliable to do the right thing at the right time.

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Steel Genius “Details Smart”

Steel geniuses are masters at managing systems and data. They prefer to deal with processes over people


(re)Learning to play to your strengths.

We are all born absolutely shit hot 🔥 great at something. As we grow up we’re taught to work on our weaknesses, and as a result, we take our talents for granted.

When we become aware of our natural genius we suddenly realise that we don’t need to focus on our weaknesses to have success or fulfilment–we learn that we need to follow our natural path and play to our strengths. When we do this, life goes from “hard to get” to “easy to give”.

Your genius becomes your compass. Once you know your genius and the “rules of the game”–you can focus all your energy on being the best at it!

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