buSiNess Resources & meNtoRing foR cReative eNtrepReneurs.

Learn from the best business books, get in the flow and live your best life.


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the worLd is waitiNg to do busiNess with you.

Are you ready to step up?

The world needs the impact that only you, the creative entrepreneur, can create. But you’re stuck in your head, worried that you aren’t courageous enough, or ready for the next level. As a result is you end up playing small. 

That Sorted Life is for entrepreneurs that believe in facing their fear and making money doing what they love! Are you that entrepreneur?

The 3 Traits of A Successful Creative Entrepreneur:


Pillar 1: Know who you are.

Your success depends on whether you’re willing to discover (and use) your winning formula.

What is your winning formula? Simple. Your natural talents.


Pillar 2: Know where you are.

To get to the next level of success, you must know where you stand. Which level of wealth are you on?

Pillar 3: Act.

That Sorted Life gives you everything you need to take action and get to the next level of wealth.


entRepreneuR meNtoRing.

Entrepreneur Mentoring from That Sorted Life

Let's work together to build your dream creative business.


I wouldn’t have achieved any of the incredible things I did, if it wasn’t for Ramo’s mentorship
— Vikee: Singer, songwriter & Design Researcher

you'Re a geNius.

There is a path of least resistance for you, and if followed, your path will lead you to flow. Flow is a state in which you're "in the zone" and nothing else seems to matter. When life is lived in flow, success in business goes from hard-to-get, to easy-to-give.

Your Genius is one of four natural Geniuses in the Genius Test. By knowing your Genius, you can follow your natural path in life. Find out which Genius you are right now.

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If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will go through its whole life thinking it was stupid
— Roger James Hamilton

eveRnote coaching.

Get support from an Evernote certified consultant and boost your productivity.


oNline cLasses.

Learn how to go from Evernote beginner to master in our online classes.


busiNess templates.

Enhance your business and save time with ready-to-use business templates.


actioN packs.

apply various business concepts & ideas in your own business.

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